Saturday, August 10, 2013

Almost halfway!

Today is August 10th already!  Larry has been in Quitman for four months and in twelve short days, we will be halfway home!!  I can't believe how fast time is flying by but I am SO grateful for it!  I'm ready to finally have my husband home with me.

Y'all know I had THE LIST, right??  When we started this journey in April, I had a list of nineteen things that I wanted to get done before he gets here in January.  I only have one thing left and that's just a fall maintenance thing for the heating and cooling system.  Something that had to be done anyway.  I'm finding myself adding new stuff every day, though!  I don't think I'll ever be completely done.  I told him I was trying to make everything perfect and he told me he doesn't need perfect, that he would be happy to come home to a sleeping bag on the floor!  Bless his heart.  We can surely do better than that!

I think Santa's gonna bring a whole new bed.  Shhhhh.  :)

Mama and Daddy were so sweet to give Larry this leather recliner and I just put a table I got at IKEA beside it for now.  I'm probably gonna wear this chair out before he gets here.  My butt can't seem to stay out of it.

Larry got his drivers license and he's finished up the mandatory day classes at the Refuge.  He's staying busy by manning the yard sales they're having and by working in the store downtown.  Oh, and by selling the smoked Boston butts, ribs and turkey breasts they sell for fundraising.  That boy could sell ice to an Eskimo.  The Refuge survives on donations and love offerings and what revenue they bring in from their store, yard sales and meat sales.  It is a wonderful ministry and if you or your church would like to donate money or items they can sell, just let me know and I'll get you in contact with them.  Larry starts school on the 20th and the VA is paying for him to go to school and they're paying him to go, just about the equivalent of a month's salary!  God continues to bless us every single day.

I'm staying busy, too.  Adding to THE LIST daily, it seems, and trying to keep my mind occupied while Larry does what he has to do.  Since the Pentagon cut our furlough days down to six from eleven, next Friday is our last Furlough Friday.  We'll be working full time again after that.  With all the overtime we can stand, I imagine.

Staying busy is good. 


  1. So happy things are falling into place for you two. Keep finding things to do so you will be sure you got everything like you want it,but like Larry said things will be just right any way you have them. Love you.

  2. I'm glad things are going so well right now. It's a long time coming. :-)