Friday, May 31, 2013

Let it all hang out

When I was growing up, we always had a clothesline.  Even after we got a dryer, Mama still hung our clothes out on the line.  She's told us stories of hanging our diapers out (and she had two babies in diapers at the same time!) in the winter and how they'd freeze on the line.  The clothesline was always a big, even if not always necessary, part of our lives and I was raised hanging out clothes and then bringing them back in again.  Many summer afternoons, we would run out there and bring the clothes in just before a thunderstorm.  I admit I'm lazy and not at all down with being outside when it's cold so I don't even use my clothesline in the winter.  If the Lord decides to bless Larry and me with a baby, our cloth diapers will tumble away in the dryer in the winter.  Ain't nobody got time for that!

But.  All spring and summer, I use my clothesline and I love it!!  My clothesline ain't fancy.  It's just a line tied between two trees in the backyard but I love everything about it.  There is no laundry detergent or fabric softener in the world that can put that fresh, line-dried heavenly scent in your clothes, your sheets and your towels.  I love feeling the sun on my skin, hearing the birds sing in the trees, I even love how the wooden clothespins feel in my fingers.  Like Miss Kay said in the hilarious episode of "Duck Dynasty" where they go to get her a new dryer and get lost, it makes you feel like a pioneer woman.  And not only is line drying green and energy-saving, it's also free!  Sun and wind are free!  

I've been using my clothesline again for three weeks now.  I usually do my laundry and housework on Fridays when I'm home.  Here's my new-to-me beautiful vintage pillowcases that I won on eBay last week drying on the line this morning. 

Pioneer woman, indeed. 


  1. Most modern diaper styles do better in the dryer, honestly. And I've tried most kinds. ;-) Prefolds, like your mama used, those do well on the line.

    I've been using my line, too, and the Murphy racks. Those are a help on days I don't want to send children through the wet grass very first thing and then chase them all over creation to get them back home. :-D Yesterday, I tried drying laundry on my back porch with all the windows open. It worked really well and still produced that wonderful fresh smell.

    Willow was talking about your baby yesterday. She even remembered Larry's name. :-)

    1. Oh, that Willow!!! I just love her. That is so sweet!! I'm going to get a bamboo rack, too, SOON. If I get the opportunity, I'm definitely going to be needing cloth diaper advice. And wrap and sling advice. And probably just a lot of general earth mama advice. I know how to find you! :)