Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Don't fence me in

Don't you just lovvvvvvve neighbors?? Especially neighbors who build fences butt up against your backyard gate denying you access to the outside world??

Yeah, me, too.  That's why I called the zoning department at City Hall this morning to share it with them and invite them to come out and see it, too!

The NERVE!  Got his junk all up against the back of our shop, too!!  For shame.  That lean-to??  Totally ours.

And we're not done yet!!  He put a piece of fencing over the other side, blocking us in over there, too.

I'm anxious to see how long it takes somebody to come out and look at this but I will keep you updated right here on this blog, you can count on that!  :)

Wow.  Neighbors are so awesome.  That's why I'm going back to the country!


  1. GEEZ.....nervy dude. Thinks "possession" is all his rights. Ugh.
    GOOD for you....fight on!!
    LUV ya

  2. I'm so glad you called about that mess. People are so inconsiderate and yes, neighbors are arseholes. I want to get away from them and go to the country, too!