Sunday, May 19, 2013

Gettin' it DONE

When Larry left for Quitman, I made a list of things I wanted to get done before he came home in January.  I had 19 things on that list.  My baby has been gone just six weeks tomorrow and my list is down to SEVEN. And four of those seven are just things I need to buy.  I have been busy!!!  One of those things I wanted to do was have the house pressure washed and Brian and Ami were so sweet to offer their washer and their time!  I don't have a pressure washer (but that's going to change very shortly!) so I've been paying people to do it, $300 a pop.  So not only did they save me lots of money but I got to spend time with them yesterday and we got to sit down and eat supper together.  I can't even remember the last time I got to set my table!  It was so nice.  Just frozen Stouffer's lasagna and garlic bread but it was great to have company!  They brought a chocolate cake and I had some ice cream (sea salt caramel, OMG) and we just had a wonderful visit together!  Tabbie Hoffman didn't think it was so wonderful, though.  After scratching the crap out of my belly to get down, he hid under the bed the whole time.  He doesn't do well with people.  Or lizards or vacuum cleaners or six bags of groceries coming in the door at one time or pretty much, anything that's not just his mama.  I dragged him out a couple of times to get pictures, though.  He'll be a year old next Friday and I wanted some professional pictures of him.  I was determined to get 'em!  We don't know for SURE that his birthday is the 24th but when I found him on July 15th and took him to the vet to get him checked out, the doctor told me he was around eight weeks old, which made him born in May sometime.  Since Larry's birthday is February 24th and my birthday is June 24th, Larry said Tabbie Hoffman's birthday is May 24th.  :)  And so it is.

Sweet, scared little boy laying on my shoulder.  Awwww!

Brian signed on to pressure wash the house but once he got started on the deck, he couldn't stop!  I got in on it, too!  I thought since it's 13 or 14 years old, that deck was just weathered.  I've used deck cleaner on it and I've put water seal on it every spring for the past ten years.  I know that water seal is what's kept it together all these years!  But, naw, it was not just weathered.  It was filthy!!  That pressure washer took allllll that funk off.  That's why I said there will be a pressure washer at the Schneider Condostead lickety-split.

Just look at the difference!  It looks brand new!!

Here it is in progress!  Wow!

I love that saying, "when you know better, you do better".  We said that yesterday.  I had NO idea that deck looked like that.  It has never looked like that, not even when we first bought the place ten years ago.  Now all we need is some new patio furniture, a grill, a hot tub and some of those pretty multicolored patio lights.  ;)

So, twelve Ultimate Homecoming things down, seven to go!  I think I'll spend Memorial Day weekend planting flowers.  :)


  1. Deck looks
    Happy you guys spent time together. FAMILY is EVERYthing.
    Can't believe how Tabbie has grown.....
    Take care.
    Ya done good on that list, girl.

    LUV ya

  2. Sorry Tabby scratched you. Clean it with alcohol,That's what our Tabby did to Daddy's hand and arm the other night when she finally came home.Glad you,Ami, and Brian enjoyed a good visit . Slow down,You got plenty of time. Love you.