Sunday, May 26, 2013

A few things that made my weekend awesome!

I love four-day weekends!

Friday morning, we celebrated Tabbie Hoffman's first birthday!  Here he is checking out his cancake AKA a can of Meow Mix chicken Pate Topper.  Ha!  He got a cute little summertime toy with a dangly seahorse and starfish and he enjoyed his mama singing "Happy Birthday" to him.  I think.  ;)

Friday afternoon, I went out to the college and picked up my top secret, sealed transcript to turn in to the base next week so they can start my conversion process back to full time status (there go my Fridays!  At least until the furloughs start!) and promote me to a WG-08.  Two promotions and two big raises in less than 16 months.  A girl could get used to movin' on up like that!

I finished up my necessary training hours on the fuel pit Thursday night.  A gorgeous, breezy, quiet, star-filled night to work on the pit.  I sat in the cockpit and monitored the fuel levels while the guys down below fueled and defueled the plane.  F-15s have a warning voice the guys call "Bitchin' Betty".  I think I would have called her "Freakin' Freida" because I got to hear her scream in my headset, "Warning! Fuel Low!" half a dozen times and it sounded like she was freaking the hell right on out.  Calm down, Betty.  Dang.  Now, is that the kind of voice we want a pilot in distress to hear??  I think not.  They should let me do it.  I would say it all slow and calm, with my charming Southern drawl, "Now, honey, your fuel's gettin' a little low.  You might want to get you some more.  I think there might be some in the wings." or something like that.  :)  

Here's Betty if you want to hear her freakin'.  Bless her heart.

After I left the college with my top secret, sealed transcript (no joke!), I went over to the theater and met with a Facebook friend of mine for the very first time!  I'd been talking to Belinda on FB for years.  We live in the same town, for goodness sake!  So we arranged to go see the third and final installment of The Hangover and it was hilarious!  I love those movies.  It was a little more violent than the other two but funny all the same.  My favorite line was that crazy Chow saying, "We're gonna die...finally!"

Saturday, I trimmed the shrub bushes in front of the house.  Y'all.  They had NEVER been trimmed.  Not in the ten years I've lived here.  I joked on Facebook that I had no idea there were even seven of them there.  I thought there was just the one big one.  They are cut completely away from the house now.  I can easily get to the water faucet and the dryer vent and I can clean the siding when it needs it.  Not to mention the bug treatment will be so much more successful now.  :)  I planted a purple Mexican petunia in that tiny flower bed and as soon as Uncle JB and the irises come up and bloom and I plant a few more hostas and some geraniums, it's really going to be pretty right there.

I got these two beauties for the patio.  A pink impatien and her sister, an orange sunpatien.

This pretty begonia hangs in the backyard.

Neither the shrubs or the flowers were on my Ultimate Homecoming list but since y'all brought it up, the list is now down to THREE.  Steam clean the carpets, buy new bed stuffs and get his recliner.  That is IT.  I am so proud!!!  I'm going to do the carpets myself in the fall so between now and then, I'm sure I'll be adding to the list.  :)

I won two beautiful sets of vintage pillowcases on eBay this weekend, too!  I am all into vintage mismatched sheets and pillowcases lately.  These are in blue, pink and yellow flower prints and were made in the 60's.  Squeeeee!!

I also ordered a bunch of books this weekend to kick off my summer reading.  I like to read Southern, light and funny in the summer and one of the books I ordered is called Sue Ellen's Girl Ain't Fat, She Just Weighs Heavy.  Chapter One is "She Got Those Heavy Legs From Her Mama's Side". Bwahaha! 

I hope you're all having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  And take a minute to remember why we're having this weekend in the first place.


  1. Great article and beautiful flowers. We are so proud of all your accomplishments andhappy for you. Like you said if the bushes don't behave after a hair cut then roses will be beautiful there. You deserve all this after the hard work you have done to get your dream job. Take care and we love you.

  2. I don't know why this didn't post,but here it is again. We are so proud of you and all your accomplishment . I like your bushes and like you said,if they don't behave,the roses will be beautiful there.The flowers are so bright and pretty around the patio and yard.Slow down and catch your breath,you can finish all these projects in plenty of time. we love you and squeeze Tabby Hoffman for me.

  3. Gonna be a beautiful landscape when you're done.
    Vintage stuff ROCKS!
    Enjoy your reading.......
    LUV ya
    Oh, and KUDOS, high 5s for "movin on UP" in your job. PROUD of you and for you.