Thursday, January 3, 2013

There is nothing you can't come back from

Tabbie Hoffman peeked out the patio door this rainy morning and said, "Good Lawd, Mama, look at all them leaves!"  He'd never seen so many in his life.  Since this is my tenth fall/winter living here, I don't think that looks like a lot at all.  :)  AND they've all fallen so that's all there's gonna be this year.  Yay.  Plus it's rained so much lately, it's gonna be a lonnnnng time before we can start raking them.  :)  I came home New Year's Eve and my sweet neighbor had raked the leaves in the front yard.  He does that for me sometimes.  

So, here we are, January 3rd.  I started a new shift at work and so far, it has been so boring that I have very nearly died from it.  I sat and read for two hours last night.  I finished my book!  (I'm telling you, if you're looking for some funny, sexy romance that you just cannot put down, you need to try Katie Lane's Deep In The Heart Of Texas series.  I have loved all four of them!  And now there's gonna be a fifth coming out in July!  I can't even contain my excitement!!)  A guy I work with who's been out there for 28 years told me last night to "get used to it" and bring a book.  Okey doke.  I can do that.

Three years ago, I started the South Beach diet and it really, really worked for me!  I lost nearly 60 pounds in six months.  Since diets don't really work unless you STAY ON THEM, I've gained 20 of those pounds back.  And they killin' me!  My goal way back then was to lose 80.  I lost 60 (or thereabout) and gained back 20.  So the way I see it, now I need to lose 40.  You like how I did that math so quick??  :)  I absolutely love and admire Ruby Gettinger and loved her show on Style Network.  At one time in her life, she weighed 716 pounds.  She lost over 400 pounds, some of it we got to share with her on her show.  Well, she started gaining again and gained 60 pounds and for some reason, Style cancelled her show.  Because she struggled and gained some weight back?  I was so mad that I cancelled Style.  It's a reality show, right??  Well, slipping back into your old habits and gaining weight back IS REALITY.  Anyway, I follow Ruby on Facebook and she lost those 60 pounds and then her brother died and some other life stresses hit her at the same time and she gained back 80.  I've done the EXACT SAME THING before.  Lost 60 and gained back 80.  I've been a chunky butt all of my life.  I came into the world weighing nearly 10 pounds at 6:00 in the evening looking for some supper!  And at my highest weight, I was 252 pounds.  I don't want to be there again.  So I'm doing something about it!  And I'm telling y'all about it so you will hold my feet to the fire!  :)

Ruby posted this on Facebook last week and I just loved it. 

There is NOTHING you can't come BACK from.

What a concept!  It's a new year full of all kinds of new possibilities and dreams!  I know my knees and my poor ankle will appreciate me taking 40 pounds off of them.  Especially when I have to climb up on top of an F-15!  (Which is waaaaay cool, by the way!)

So this is where I am.  I started eating better yesterday and I've lost three pounds.  I fully expect to lose 10 or 15 pounds pretty quick since those are the last ones I gained.  That's what I usually do.  Then it's gonna get hard.  But I'm ready!  46 is looming in June and I'd love to be around 150 pounds by then.  Like I said, FULL of new possibilities and dreams!!  :)


  1. Good for you! I know you will feel better working on the planes. Love you.

  2. Maybe we can get there together. :-)

  3. Sadly.....I'm still waitin on my inspiration to go for it. :((
    I hate all my excuses.....they are just a "crutch" not to move. (see, I KNOW that)
    I'm PROUD that you are so dedicated & determined once you make a decision.
    That's a hell of a wonderful character trait.
    I'll be checking on you....trying to support you.
    Reading is NOT a bad job....esp. if you're gettin PAID for it....LOL
    Take care. Good Luck w/your new year plan. I KNOW you will have before and will this time, too.
    LUV ya