Saturday, July 14, 2012

I'mma be scared to come home tomorrow...

I came home today after getting the oil changed in my car and getting a brand spankin' new serpentine belt put on and found this in my driveway.

At first, I didn't know what it was.  I was scared.  When I got closer, I half thought, "oh well, it's just a finger" because I saw Final Destination 5 the other night and ever since, I have been going over the ways folks died in that movie so it really didn't even faze me much that there might be a FINGER in my driveway. OMG, what is WRONG with me???

Anyway, I got closer and saw that it is, indeed, a baby doll leg.  In my driveway.  Have no idea.

Yesterday, I come home to find a split rail in my fence was broken and lookin' all stabby and pointy at the culprit (as if to tell me, "HE did it!!") a busted-up limb from my neighbor's tree.

The limb also hit my satellite dish and knocked it OUT.  I had no signal last night but today, that seems to have been corrected because even though I didn't check all 200 channels, the channels I like to watch are coming in clear.  Except for HBO East.  HBO West, loud and clear.  HBO East, the one that shows the new True Bloods on Sunday nights, not so much.  Oh well.

What will I come home to tomorrow???

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  1. That looks like your doll leg that Uncle Jack used to take off your doll to hear you fuss.Fence looks bad,but they will fix it.Glad cable is back on. Take care and no more bad movies.Daddy loves the kitty. He said that is just what you need. Love you