Monday, July 9, 2012

I can see clearly now...

I called in sick today.  My tooth was pitching a fit for me to so I did.  I fully expected to have that root canal today, although this doesn't feel root canal worthy.  And I've had four root canals so I know what's worthy.  That extremely painful constant throbbing that will only stop when you throw cold water on it.  Yeah, that's worthy.  This is nothing like that.  This is a dull ache with an occasional sharp pain thrown in there just for giggles.

So I stayed home and called my dentist when her office opened and she called me in some meds to Target.  Yay!!  Another reason to go to Target!!!  :)  I'm waiting this thing out.  I don't want to have a root canal if the nerve will just calm the hell down and chill.  You know??

It already feels much, much better.  The 800mg Motrin took care of any inflammation in there and it's just a tiny bit cold sensitive now.  We might just make it!!  I've sure been praying over it.

I had an eye appointment this afternoon so I kept that and got me some new contacts.  A little stronger.  I'd gotten to where I couldn't see anything, especially those itty bitty numbers on those wires at work.  So we upped the RX a little and now I can SEEEEEEE.

And then I came home and cooked that eggplant and those 'maters and okry that I got yesterday from my mama and daddy.

Fried eggplant on pasta with marinara and grated parmesan cheese
This is just about my favorite thing at Olive Garden and mine tonight tasted pretty dang close!  It was delicious!!  Got some for lunch tomorrow, too.

Yummy stewed tomatoes and okra
I even halved and tossed some of those cherry tomatoes in there, too.  It turned out great!!

For a Monday, it wasn't even that bad. 


  1. Food looks & sounds delish.
    Tweekin yo contacts is are getting a bit older---and it is necessary. LOL
    You were totally correct....getting such goodies frm
    yo Mama & Daddy is top notch SMART! They are so sweet and sharing is their middle names, I think.
    Hoping the tooth thang will get well soon....

    Take care. LUV ya