Sunday, May 27, 2012


How's your Memorial Day weekend going so far??  Mine has been fabulous, starting with FRIDAY OFF WORK!  Seems Uncle Sam has what he calls Liberal Leave, where you can take annual leave time and not have to get it approved.  It IS approved if you have the time saved up.  And I did.  So I did.  :)  I even like the way LIBERAL Leave sounds, don't you??  ;)

So I slept way late, got up, went and bought some groceries and went to Old Navy and got a new pair of khaki capris (that I did not try on so, of course, they're too big.  If I'd tried them on in the store, they would have been too small.  'Cause that's ME.) and a new bathing suit (this one's in black, mine is a blue paisley).  It's starting to heat up out there so for my fitness leave time (Unk also gives us three hours a week to exercise) at work, I'm going to have to go inside to exercise.  I've been going to the duck pond and walking the nature trail out there because I much prefer a natural setting for anything and for absolute sure, for fresh air and exercise.  But it's finna be too hot for all that nonsense.  So we're going to start hanging out at the pool in the gym on base and do water aerobics.  So I needed a new bathing suit.  Old Navy to the rescue!  For only $20, too.

I went to see The Hunger Games yesterday afternoon and didn't really like it much.  It was too disturbing.  I guess I tried to take it too seriously.  It's JUST a movie.  It's JUST somebody's idea of things.  But kids killing kids was just too disheartening for me.  :(  The kids were amazing actors, though!!  And their names were beautiful, Katniss, Peeta, Primrose, Clove, Rue.  Hippie baby names.  I loved 'em.  As popular as this movie was, I'm certain there will be some Baby Katnisses in a year or so.

I spent yesterday and today (after church) with my sweet husband.  Going back tomorrow for some more!  :)  We only got 30 minutes today because the people who work visitation every other weekend are incompetent poopooheads.  There's a real problem when you have 60 people show up for visitation and you take 20 minutes to process EACH ONE.  What's really, REALLY sad is there are 1,100 guys there.  Not even 100 of them get visits every weekend.  What on earth would they do if all 1,100 families showed up on the same day??!  So I got there after church at 12:20 and I got IN there to my Larry at 2:30.  I am SO glad this part of our life is just about over.

I've got hamburgers, chips, cole slaw and the most ridiculous Italian gelato on the agenda for tomorrow.  I grilled a burger and pan-fried some fresh zucchini and yellow squash for supper today.  It was most yummmm.

I thought this picture was hilarious!  
It looks like the burger's stickin' its tongue out at me.  Ha!

I feel so much better today than I did Thursday.  I was tired, bruised, scratched (that blankety-blank Eagle!), sore all over, pretty much beat.  I've gotten the rest that I needed, my bruises and scratches are healing and I still have one day left!! 


  1. Glad you got some rest and that you feel better. I don't think I would like that movie either.Supper looks real good. Take care and enjoy tomorrow. Love you

  2. Having a nice weekend indeed, girl. GOOD for you. Rest is always gooood medicine for what ails!
    Food looks delish, too.

    ENJOY yoself!

    LUV ya