Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Southern Belle's Handbook

I finally finished this book today.  I've been reading it at work, at break and after lunch.  Gosh, I bet I've had it six years.  I just couldn't get into it before and so it sat, on my bookshelf, waiting for another chance.

It got that chance about a month ago.  I decided to try it again.  I really like the cover.  :)  Don't judge a book, right??  Well, for this one, you can.  Sissy LeBlanc would definitely have red toenails and soak in a pink tub.  

I can't even tell you how much I enjoyed this book!!  Sissy is "the sexiest, wildest girl to ever live in Gentry, Louisiana" but she's also the most restless, the most fed up.  The book starts in 1956 and Sissy, a bored housewife and mother, is considering killing herself with aspirins and Coca Cola.  Then HE shows up.  Parker Davidson, her high school sweetheart, who left town fourteen years ago after a pretty big misunderstanding.  I'm sure you remember how that was.  Lots of misunderstandings in high school!

This story is hilarious, sexy and takes a wicked little turn that you don't even see coming.  I loved that!!

Sissy has a book of "rules" that she writes as she goes.  The Southern Belle's Handbook.  Rules like #92 A smart girl lets a man take full credit for doing exactly what she wants him to do.  Or #48 It's okay for a woman to know her place, she just shouldn't stay there.  Or my personal favorite, Rule #10 A girl can stand just so much virtue.  :)

When I first bought the book, Larry wrote to the author, Loraine Despres, for an autograph for me.  She sent me Sissy's handbook!!

And this is what she wrote inside.  

Rule #106 Forget his stomach.  The best way to keep a man happy is to become his cheerleader.

Gimme an L!!  :)

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  1. Sounds like a goood read....LIKE the autographed note, too. Not many people hand write anything anymore.
    Glad you cracked it open and enjoyed it.