Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer Happies

Since this weekend is the official unofficial beginning of summer, I thought I'd list some summer things that make me happy.

My birthday

Flip flops

Lightning bugs

The beach


Ice cream cones

My clothesline

Fresh fruits and veggies, specifically homegrown tomatoes and the Chases' sweet corn!

Going to the movies on a HOT HOT day

Sammy, this fat little lizard who lives under my front step.  I never see him 'til summer.

What are some of your summer happies?


  1. Your Birthday

    Air conditioning

    Staying Inside


    Shows that don't premiere until summer, like Kathy Griffin and Rescue Me

    My One-Year Anniversary with Scrap n' Art!

    We see Summer through two very different lenses! :D

  2. You are both special in your own way. You have other areas that come together as sisters. Love you both