Friday, June 2, 2017

It's JUNE!!!

And my birthday month!!!  And I'll be FIFTY!!!  


Most days, I don't feel anywhere near 50 and I'm still getting told that I don't look 50 but there were a few days in the past two weeks that I felt every day of it and then some.

First, I had a nerve die in a top molar on the weekend and couldn't get in to see my dentist until Monday.  She did call me in some medication and I got through it.  I had a root canal that next week and toofie is fine and dandy now.  I still have to get the crown and yet another crown on another tooth, but that's another day.  

As soon as I was over the root canal, I was vacuuming last Sunday and I hurt my back some kind of way.  I was in horrible pain until Tuesday when I saw the doctor.  Larry and I had planned to go back to Andersonville to visit Gus but I just couldn't do it.  I stayed in bed for three days.  I couldn't sit up, I couldn't lay down, I couldn't stand up and couldn't walk.  It was misery.  Poor Larry, he did all he could for me, to include not even sleeping so he could watch over me.  He did all the housework and laundry and took care of Banjo and Tabbie, too. I've said it before, he's a keeper.  And I'm keepin' him!  I got some steroids and muscle relaxers Tuesday and by yesterday, I was SO MUCH BETTER OMG.  Today, I'm nearly back to normal. 

I went to an estate sale after work today over in the Eagle Springs neighborhood (we love 'em over there!  $300,000+ houses and they get rid of the best stuff!!) and I saw a few things that caught my eye and then jumped into my bag.

I couldn't leave this pretty little milk glass bottle behind.  I added a hydrangea from our yard and I think it's perfect.

I have a plan to have my own "summer reading club" and read this summer.  More books, less Facebook!  Facebook is driving me crazy lately.  Anyway, so I've been collecting Lewis Grizzard hardbacks whenever I can find them.  I got this one today.  My plan is to read as many of his books this summer as I can and remind myself of a time when the world made sense to me.  I adored Lewis and I think it'll do me good to get reacquainted with him.

Speaking of the world not making sense to me, I also found this book.  Ha!

At least in 1964, it was a no-no to be friends with the (Communist) enemy.  These days, it's no big deal.  But it is.  It's still a big deal and these folks in control in Washington are going to pay for the wrong they've done.  The lies, the "fake news" they've created or allowed to be created, the outright corruptness of it all.  There will come a Judgement Day for them.  I'll call it.  I'll call it treason and I believe our Lady Liberty will, too.

But I got me one of these just in case it takes her a while.

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  1. Though under the weather,
    we got through it together
    my baby went through hell
    but did manage an estate sale LARRY