Friday, November 25, 2016

Not so mean muggin'

Sixteen years ago, I gave Larry a Bugs Bunny 3D coffee mug.  He still has it.  He has enjoyed a million cups of coffee from it.  A couple of months ago, we found a Yosemite Sam mug at a flea market and we've been collecting others ever since.

We've found quite a few!!  Larry made a shelf to hold them all.

Daffy, Pooh, Yosemite, Dalmation puppy, Sylvester, Tigger, Marvin, Tweety and Mickey!

And Ernie, Wyle, Eeyore, Snoopy, Popeye, Pluto, Taz, Minnie and Bugs!


If you want to get Larry something for Christmas, he'd love another one to add to his collection.  They're all plastic and were released in the 90's by the Applause Company.  

We're gonna need a bigger shelf.  

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