Sunday, November 13, 2016

Blessings -- one shoebox at a time

Larry and I had so much fun putting together our Operation Christmas Child shoebox this weekend.  We look forward to doing this every year.  We'll turn it in this week and then wait and see where it ends up!

We selected things for a little boy, aged 5-9, and this is what we got him!  Toothpaste, Snoopy toothbrushes, a wash cloth, two bars of soap, a comb, a flashlight with batteries, marbles, toy cars, pens, a notebook, candy, a game, a pair of gloves, a little LED light-up bracelet, a stuffed Ty doggie, ChapStick, a little tube of sunscreen, a flip story/coloring book about Jesus' birth and death, crayons and a pack of God Loves You stickers.


I love this time of year!  It's a lot of fun to shop and put these boxes together but what comes out of them is what really counts.  We will pray for the little boy who receives this box and hope that his life is changed forever by accepting Jesus as his savior and sharing the Good News with everyone around him!

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  1. If the recipient learns just a tiddle of what Ginger gives from her heart, they will be greatly blessed all their lives. LARRY