Saturday, May 14, 2016

Meet Nancy!

We went to three estate sales today and at the last one, there was this baby doll who caught my eye as soon as I walked in the door!  She was sitting in a wooden high chair, wearing a dirty pink dress and torn pink bonnet with white socks and shoes.  I just LOVED her smiley little face!!!  We walked around looking and my mind and heart kept going back to her.  We were in the line to check out and there she was, still smiling, little teefies shining.  I told Larry I wanted to hold her and as soon as I did, I knew she was going home with us.  

I was able to get her story, too, and that made me want her all the more.  She's pretty old.  She has Acme Toys embossed on the back of her neck and she's pretty close to 90 years old.  A composite doll.  She was the doll of the "second mother" of the man having the sale and he told me his mom had the doll since she was a little girl.  She died three years ago at the age of 89.  When she was moved to a nursing home, she wasn't allowed to take much stuff with her but she took her baby with her.  Nancy.  That's what she has always been called and that's what we will call her, too.  I did a little research and she was made sometime between 1910 and 1930 and was one of Acme's Honey baby doll line.  She has a little round crier box in her back that at one time said, "Mama".  Awwww.

I brought her home, gave her a bath, put a tie-dyed t-shirt on her (that I think Brandy made!), a cloth diaper and she's sitting in my little red rocking chair that I had when I was a little girl.  I'm going to find her a little vintage dress, socks and bonnet but for now, she's a little hippie baby. 

Welcome to our family, Nancy!  We're so happy you're here!

I think she's happy, too. 

UPDATE: Here she is with her dress, bonnet and shoes all clean! Not too bad for an old lady. :)

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  1. When we're at estate sales and Ginger cocks her head to the left and then the right, we're buying something. She can spot items of value the way a chef can pick out the perfect spice for a tasty concoction. It's such a joy for me to participate in these adventures. LARRY