Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Garden update!

It's MAY and things are busting out all over around here!

I've never seen a peach hibiscus before!  But I'm growing one in a pot on our deck!

Beautiful yellow dahlia

 The gardenia bush is just full of buds!

 The sunflowers are gettin' big by the fence!

My accidental pumpkin patch!  I say accidental 'cause it sprung up after I sat last fall's porch pumpkin out there to compost.  I may get a pumpkin this year after all!

I planted a few of these gingerland caladiums last weekend.  I just love their colors.  And their name!

These are some succulents that have grown from tiny little pieces that Aunt Ruth gave me last November when we visited them down at Jacksonville Beach.  Pieces!  I just tucked them down into the dirt and this is what we have now.

My butterfly oasis is coming along nicely!  Lots of milkweed growing now!

And I saved the best for last!  We have baby tomatoes!!  

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  1. The Garden of Eden is coming to life! LARRY