Saturday, April 9, 2016

Our latest finds!

Larry and I went back to Eastman to Browser's Flea Market last week and I found some really cool stuff!  We also met a sweet lady named Penny, who turned out to have a hippie heart like ours.  Hey, Penny!

Here's what I got!

 This girl is gorgeous!!  This picture doesn't do her justice.

A Hall pottery cookie jar without the lid.  Who needs a lid?  
It looks great holding our kitchen utensils!

 I fell in love with this little bud vase.  Wook at that cute little birdy!

 Two 1960's Loma Industries plastic chicken tumblers.  Squeeee!  Chickens!!

This is a sour cream glass!  I got it because I liked it but when I got home and researched it, I found out that these were sold with a pint of sour cream in them back in the 60's.  They are very cute.  And very collectible!  Uh oh.  :)

 1970's wall hanging that I just loved!! 

I added another baby planter to my collection, too!  
This one was too adorable to leave behind.

A ginger jar without a lid but we loved it.  
This little hippie girl had to come home with us!

I added Josef Originals Birthday Girl 7 and 8 to my collection of those. 
They had a set of nine for $22 so if anybody else wants to collect them, too, 
I have 1 through 6 and another 9 that I'll sell ya!   


  1. Love,love all your collections! Looks like a good place to go.

  2. Ginger has an impossibly sharp eye for finding beautiful treasures even when they're hidden beneath the pedestrian items that stores often pile up. LARRY