Sunday, April 10, 2016

(It's gonna be) A good year for the roses

There are three rose bushes out by our mailbox.  The yellow knock out rose was already here and blooming when we moved here, the other two, a red and a pink, I planted last spring.  This weekend was really too cool to plant my garden.  The soil temperature is right at 55 degrees so I figured I'd give it another week or two and mulch my roses instead.

Here's a before and after!

This pretty sunny yellow knockout rose blooms a beautiful lemon yellow and then in a day or so, the blooms fade to a lovely ivory cream color.  I just love her!

The red roses will be busting out any day now!

These are a beautiful peppermint pink and white.  

A little rose food and fertilizer and some fresh mulch should be all they need to have a blooming good summer!

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