Friday, March 29, 2013

You can't beat a swap meet!

We went on a class field trip today!  Nope, we are not too old for that.  Apparently.  :)  Mr. Leland came up with the BEST idea for us to go to the Auto Fest and Swap Meet at the Perry fairgrounds today to look for old CB radios and just old radios in general.  It is our Communications class, after all.  Have I mentioned how awesome Mr. Leland is???

We had a blast!  We got there at noon and stayed until 2:30 or so.  I took lots of pictures!  There were old cars, old collectibles, old car parts and, oh yeah, funnel cakes.

Here are Christy and Tasha with their little boys, Jacob and Quick.
 Andy found the first CB radio!

And I found an old wooden Coke crate!

And this!  I want an old Coke machine cooler to use as a freezer for my back porch (when I get a back porch.)  This one was $850 as is.  It would've taken another $5,000 to restore it, I'm sure.  I joked that we're gonna have to get past the furloughs before we make a commitment like that.  Ha!

Here's Mr. Leland checking out the electrical stuff.  Of course.  :)  And Andy on the phone.  He's got a baby girl due any. minute.  Gotta stay connected!

We all loved this find!  Real, honest-to-God metal Tonka trucks.  Ahhhhh, those were the good old days.

I just loved this HUGE Gulf gas sign!

The cars were amazing!

And so were the sausages!  
I got mine with onions, peppers and lots of mustard.  Yum!!

We're everywhere!  We're everywhere!  :)

This car had a "Panty Dropper" sticker on the hood.  What the what?

We just had the best time!  The weather was perfect and the company was even better.  AND I got sunburned!  It felt great after all that cold wind we've had lately.  So I don't mind at all being a little pink.  It is my favorite color, after all.


  1. I know you enjoyed that trip. Sounded like so much fun.Love the coke box and crate and haven't seen tonka trucks like that since Ricky had one.When it gets cold again,you can remember your burn. Love you.

  2. Lamar says the cars are sharp! He liked. My FAV is the PURPLE truck w/flames....nice.
    Sounds like a FUN trip. It was such a beautiful day. done got SKINNY. You be lookin HOT as the sun!! Seriously, you do look great.
    LOVE ya and happy you had FUN today.....;0