Saturday, March 16, 2013

A fool for the spool

Tabbie Hoffman has half the cat aisle at PetSmart at his disposal but all he wants to play with is this empty thread spool.  And this is where it usually winds up, in the foyer closet next to my vacuum cleaner.  Either there or in the pantry.  There's a gap just wide enough at the bottom of those two doors for it to roll right in.  Then he lays there all pitiful with his whole leg up under there trying to get it.  Yes, I've tried stuffing towels in the gaps.  He pulls the towels out.  I always know where to look when the spool is not around.  Sometimes I'll ask him, "where's your spool?" and he'll take me right to it.  He's too smart for me.  

He even plays fetch with it!  He'll bring it to me in bed in the mornings and want me to throw it.  He'll go get it and bring it back.  Like a dog would do.  We do this for hours some mornings.  Imagine how well that goes over with somebody who cherishes her sleep and works until midnight.  Yeah.  Sometimes I throw it really, really hard.  :)

 It's mine, my own, my pressssssshus.

I'm just throwing this picture in because it is freakin' hilarious!!  This is how he watches TV.  He sits on his butt in that chair.  We were watching "Life of Pi" this afternoon and I glanced over and sure enough, he was sitting there like this.  I'm absolutely crazy about this cat!


  1. Tabby is PRECIOUS! I'm so HAPPY you found each other....
    LUV the "sittin" position. How cute is that!
    You are a gooood Mama, and he is a precious child.
    LUV ya bunches :)

  2. Gotta love him! He is very attached to you as you are to him.Love you.

  3. My children love thread spools. A bit like cats, they are. They also get quite rowdy as the sun goes down.