Monday, October 8, 2012

If it ain't broke, we still fix it

Tabbie Hoffman had his big boy surgery today.  Ami and Brian were taking their Augie and since I had the day off, too, I decided to go ahead and get Tabbie's done, too.  To just get it over with.  He did great, though!  Much better than I did.  I squalled on the drive over this morning and then when I had to leave him there.  What a sap.

That boy acts like nothing's even happened.  He's just real sleepy.  We got home and after a few cuddles on the sofa, he got down and went to his litter box.  He's been sleeping most of the time since we've been home and he'll get to eat in another hour or so.

Like he even NEEDS to eat!  He weighs 6.8 pounds now!  He weighed just over four pounds August 24th when he went to the vet for his ear infection.  I think we're both gonna go on a diet.  :)

1 comment:

  1. In this case....fix it is being a verrrry goood parent. I believe in the spay/neuter approach. All our pets were also "fixed"!!
    I remember that was Bob Barker's show ending every day.
    Happy to know Tabbie is resting. That's good.
    He IS so dang cute.....glad he found you. He's a LUCKY Tabbie. :)