Monday, October 15, 2012

A week later...

Wow.  I can't believe it's been a whole week since I wrote a bloggy thingamajiggy!  Tabbie Hoffman did great following his big boy surgery.  He's just about completely healed and has been a holy terror his usual sweet little bitey energetic self since the night of.  We were having issues with him scratching the sofa until I put double-sided tape on all the spots he likes to scratch and gave him a brand new soft clothy-like post of his very own to scratch.  The second such post I've gotten since he's been here, what??  Three months today??  He seems to like this one, though.  He also likes the tasty-chicken-crunchy-outside-soft-inside nom noms he gets when he scratches THE RIGHT PLACE.  Mama happy, Tabbie Hoffman happy.  :)

I added it up.  Between vet visits, medicine, toys, scratching thingies, food and nom noms, I have spent close to $800 on him!  In three months.  Whoa.  That boy gon' have to get a job.

Speaking of a job that SOMEBODY IN THIS HOUSE has to have, I go back to the doctor Thursday and I'm gonna beg, plead, cry, cuss, bribe, promise to vote Republican, do absolutely whatever I have to do to get him to take me off light duty!!  I've told people at work that IF I ever get hurt out there again, nobody will EVAH know it.  Not even if a bone is stickin' out.  They make too big a deal outta things.  I've been on light duty since JULY 25TH.  Ugh.

I am moving to another building next month to continue my training and I have this huge block of training hours (200!) that I have to get done before I can go.  Do the math.  200 hours divided by 40 hours = 5 weeks.  I transfer November 17th.  That's 5 weeks.  This training is in the WIT section of our hangar, that's the Wire Integrity Tester, where they get planes that were just rewired, hook them up to a tester and run a report to see what works and what don't.  Then they fix the stuff that doesn't work.  I started over there last Thursday.  And I actually got back on the plane to do it!  It felt great to be working again.  Not just cleaning the hangar and reading my books.  

I'm really excited about this move!  I've never loved rewire.  The job's not that bad, it's more the environment and the feel of the place.  It's depressing.  Like there's a dark cloud hovering over the building.  Nobody's happy in there and it shows.  They don't take pride in the way the place looks and that drives me nuts.  And what's so sad is it wouldn't take that much to turn it around.  Some really good people work in there.  A little cleaning up, a little incentive, a few bonuses thrown around here and there and you'd have a totally different place, a totally different vibe.  Anyway, I'm ready to see how other buildings are managed, to see if the grass is actually greener, you know? 

But I gotta "GET ON THE JET!", as my buddy Rambo tells me constantly.  I'll get there.  Friday.  Maybe.


  1. Remember....Tabbie is NOT a pet...he IS your child!! It COSTS to take care of kids...LOL Ariel costs us 'bout a $100 w/every vet visit...UGH. Then food is $26 a bag...special, ofcourse, for her "soft" tummy!! So, you're raising a child....might as well be human....they THINK they are...LOL
    Praying for a good outcome w/Dr. releasing you. Hope this change happens for ya.
    Take care...........LUV ya

  2. Hope the Dr.visit turns out like you want,but if not it's for your own good.Poor tabby prices have gone up like everything else,but you probably indulge more than most . Enjoy your expensive little child and take care of yourself. Love you

  3. I bet you are just the person to spice that place up! I really hope you can go back to normal work. :-)