Sunday, September 9, 2012

You know it's fall when...'re in Georgia and the humidity drops below 60%!  We got that today so no matter what the calendar says, fall is ON.  At least at my house!

Even Tabbie Hoffman enjoyed his very first fall-like day, playing in a sunbeam by the window.

We had another visitor this morning out on the patio.  I opened up the blind before I left for church and saw the prettiest (and the ugliest!) kitty!!  Beautiful, gorgeous fur and eyes but a face that would make Hello Kitty say goodbye.  Dayum.  That's an ugly cat!  (Note the leaves on the patio.  Yes.  FALL.  :D)

Tabbie Hoffman didn't seem intimidated by this kitty like he did the black one. Maybe he felt sorry for him. He's got his paw up on the glass in this picture like he's saying, "bless your heart, you so ugly."

I love this picture! Like he's asking him, "why you at my house?" Ha! I ran this kitty off with the water pistol but soon after, the black kitty showed up. Got him, too.

Tabbie Hoffman has the sweetest little disposition.  He's still a little bitey but he's pretty much stopped clawing altogether.  He's developed a bit of a smart mouth, though.  If I get on to him about something, he always comes back with "mew mew" or "mew mew mew".  I tell him, "Don't you sass me, boy!"  We have so much fun together.  It's hard to believe it's been eight weeks today that I found him. We've been through a lot together with his ear and the respiratory infection that he had.  He seems to be completely over that, though, thank goodness.  He's a mess.  And a complete joy.


  1. YES! Aren't fur BABIES a joy indeed.....
    Ariel is our "kid" and we so ENJOY her free entertainment.....LOL
    Ariel is still a very stubborn, smarty-pants sometimes....but overall, she's kinda sweet!
    I've enjoyed this FALL day myself. Love the lower humidity & cool breezes...Good outside working weather.
    LUV the pics.

  2. Your yard is pretty busy since Tabby came to live there. Cute picture of them together through the glass. He(she) is a mite strange looking in the face,but Tabby don't seem to mind.