Monday, August 2, 2010

All Natural Soldering Girl!

So. I'm trying a little something different with my hair this week. I've fought my baby fine, straight hair since my Aunt Brenda gave me my first curling iron for my 9th Christmas. I've done everything, I've tried everything and here I am, 43 years old, still fighting my hair every single morning. I decided I was just going to give in to it, at least for a few days, and just see what it does. This morning, I just shampooed it, worked in a little mousse and some leave-in conditioner, picked it out with my fingers and JUST LEFT IT ALONE. I let it air dry and it was okay. I felt weird and all nekkid-like without my routine of blow drying and velcro rollers and hair spray but it was SO liberating, I got past all that pretty quick. And if anybody noticed at work, they didn't say anything. The more the day went on, the more I liked the way my hair felt. It was a little wavy and beachy instead of frizzy and it was soft instead of crispy. Crispy's real good on chicken. Not so much on your hair. And since nobody even noticed that I had done nothing to my hair, I'm guessing that it looked the same as it does when I spend 30 minutes on it so I'm thinking I can spend those 30 minutes doing something calming in the mornings, like yoga or even breakfast. So I'm gonna try that some this week and see how it goes.

I am really enjoying my soldering class! Last week, we learned to tin a wire and tonight, how to bend that tinned wire over a terminal and solder the two together. It's so much fun!! Those two and a half hours go by so fast.

Trig's going well, too. I'm over halfway through the course and still have a 100 average. It's pretty easy to me and that scares me. Ha!

It's August now and it's still so hot. We haven't had rain in so long! I did a little hippie rain dance Saturday out in the backyard but all it accomplished was the dog next door barking and me getting dizzy.

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  1. Daddy said he liked the raindance idea, but keep your balance. The soldering ,he was proud of . Good teachers help a lot.