Friday, March 31, 2017

Kevin update!

We got a new photo of Kevin, the little boy we are sponsoring in Mexico.  He'll be 5 in September and he is just so adorable!

We sent him a sticker book with stickers and a card game.  We're very limited as to what we can send.  It has to fit in a 6x9 envelope but I packed that envelope until it was near busting!  We can send pretty much whatever will fit in that envelope and we happened to find about a hundred of them super cheap at an estate sale recently.  No doubt that was a God thing!

I just think he's beautiful and he's got my heart already.  I wanna go get him.


  1. My mother used to send my kids sticks of gum in letters. (Wrapped, of course)

    1. That's a great idea! The only thing I know we can't send is chocolate, for obvious reasons. Thanks!

  2. It's gratifying to believe that we are having a hand in his life. LARRY