Thursday, March 30, 2017

Farmers market time!

Even though most of the farmers markets around here are open year-round, we usually only go in the spring and summer.  Larry stopped at the one here in town a few weeks ago and got the most delicious focaccia bread!  I went today to get some more!  OMG, y'all.  Focaccia bread is an Italian flat bread made with oils and herbs and these folks at our farmers market have it down.  They sell other types of bread, too, but this one.  This. One.  I wish I could mail you all a loaf of it.  But if you're local??  The market is open every Thursday from 1:00 until about sundown.  I didn't get their name but their stand is all the way down on the right.  

It looks like a pizza!  They bake it with eggplant, artichokes and tomatoes.  It is so good.  It's completely organic with no preservatives so you have to eat it fast.  Something we have NO problem with. 

I got some red potatoes to roast and go with our crockpot meatballs (like a good little Southern Baptist girl, I'm making them with BBQ sauce and grape jelly!) for supper tonight.  And we having focaccia bread!  Yay!!

We are also having this cream cheese pound cake.  What??  This loaf was $8 and it's also made with no preservatives and all organic ingredients.

The other day, Brian liked a candle company on Facebook and I saw it and wanted to try one.  I ordered the lemongrass and it came today!  I loved the name, Happy Hippbee, and I loved that they use pure beeswax and hemp that have no toxins or burn off any black soot.  I really cannot stand black soot on candles.  It's ugly for one thing, it's messy and black soot mixed with paraffin waxes may even contain carcinogens, i.e., cancer-causing stuff!  Just ugly all the way around.

I love this little candle!  It's super cute, it comes in a BPA-free jar and it smells delicious!  And it helps the bees! 

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  1. How does she always stumble upon the coolest things?! LARRY