Sunday, August 14, 2016

Late summer fun!

After weeks of ones we wanted being out of stock and having to wait, wait, wait, we finally got our summer toys this week!  We set them up today and had so much fun!!

This super cute octopus play center was supposed to be for my birthday but it was out of stock.  As soon as got it in, I ordered it.  And now, of course, it's ten bucks.  Ha!  And the pool was just as difficult.  The one we wanted wouldn't be here until September so we got this one instead.  It's plenty big for us to cool off in and it's seven feet wide so Larry can lay down in this one!  

A couple of neighborhood kids (us!) had a blast today! 

Here's Larry blowing up the octopus.  An electric air pump is a MUST!  Best $20 we ever spent!

Filling the pool!

Here he is, cute as can be!

We sure cooled off quick!  Now it's time for a nap!  :)


  1. Love the octopus! Glad you finally got your pool.Y'all looking good! You will enjoy it a few months.Love you.Have a good week!

  2. That water was soooo COLD that it sucked the oxygen out of my toes! Loved it!! LARRY

  3. Oh what fun! The pool only has to be big enough to cool you off. Had one that size a couple years ago. Love the octopus. Yeah that cold water can be frigid for sure, but refreshing. You two sure had fun! :)