Sunday, July 3, 2016

What happened to June???

Wow!  It's July already!!  I had a wonderful birthday month.  Larry spoiled me slap rotten with Pyrex and other gifts, a beautiful cake, fish tacos on my birthday, a movie date and lots of love.  He made me a beautiful wooden planter for the front porch that we filled with apple blossom caladiums.  And this weekend, he's working on a garden bench.  

Here's a pic of the caladiums when we planted them June 12th...


And here they are today!

They really like it out there!

Mama Bird never laid any eggs in her nest in the decoy plant that I made for her.  :(   But somebody laid an egg in the plant next to it!

So we are still on nest watch, even though it doesn't look like there's even a nest for this little egg.

Father's Day, I shared my birthday with Daddy and we had a little party for both of us.  I got two pairs of cute pajamas from Mama and Daddy, a sundress and a super cool vintage pitcher from Ami and Brian, two really pretty beach totes from Mama and Ami and Ami gave me some sunscreen to take with us on our trip. 

I see SO MANY posts on Facebook about folks going to the beach and getting cooked.  Get you some Banana Boat spray.  It works.  I use the 50 or 100 and we've been to the beach three times now using that stuff and have not even gotten pink.  It works!!  Protect your skin.  Get you some!!

Does my mama know me or what??  :D

I got a beautiful cake, a pineapple plant, a vintage silver butter dish and bread plate from my folks at work.  I was told early last month that I'm being reassigned to C-130's so I'll be leaving my F-15 family soon.  I'm not entirely happy about that but I trust my God.  I know He's got something wonderful planned for me and I'm pretty excited to see what that is. 

Larry gave me several really beautiful pieces of Pyrex for my birthday and one piece, my Holy Grail Friendship, arrived in about a bazillion pieces.  We are still battling the seller for a refund.  Ugh.  My friend, Stacy, saw my post on Facebook about it and she ordered me another one!  And it was here, in one piece, just a couple days later!

I told Stacy that that was the true meaning of friendship.  :) Stacy and I went to electronics school together and both got jobs at the base because of it.  God puts people in your path for a reason.  I'm so glad my path crossed Stacy's.

Larry got me a brown on white Town and Country (it kinda looks blue in this picture but it's brown) and a Shenandoah one day and came home with a yellow Cross Stitch and yellow and black Gooseberry another day!

Last weekend, we went to Jekyll Island and celebrated some more!  We played footsie in the sand, rode the waves together, had fresh seafood for supper at Latitude 31 on the water, watched our very first ever lacrosse game at the soccer field and just had a wonderful restful, relaxing weekend.  We'd been babysitting our friends' puppies for them last month so they took care of our babies while we were gone, too.  

We had such a great time!  And then we came home and the house was 80 degrees and we had to get the AC fixed last week.  Ahhh, the joys of home ownership.


But for a couple of days, we had this.

So now it's July!  We're having steaks and baked potatoes and ice cream cones tomorrow for the 4th and we'll probably sit out on the porch and watch the neighborhood firework show.  

Happy 4th, y'all!  Be safe, be happy, be loved.

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