Sunday, July 24, 2016

Busy July!

We've had a pretty busy few weeks!  It seems like the summer months are just flying by.  School starts back here next Friday!  That seems crazy.  I'm still enjoying my summer!  Well, I am when I'm some place that's air-conditioned!  We have had such a hot, hot summer.  My poor garden is struggling.  We're getting lots of tomatoes but the peppers are suffering in this heat.  Two bells and one jalapeno is all I've gotten off them.  And the banana peppers haven't even bloomed.  I try to keep everything watered and then we have the sprinkler system on four nights a week and it's still not enough.  It's just too hot.  

My sunflowers seem to love the heat, though!  They are so beautiful.

They are still just a'bloomin' away along the fence!

Speaking of the fence, we're getting a new one!  Larry started on it today.  I tried to talk him into waiting until October when it's much cooler to start it but he's going to replace it in sections and he did this section in an hour.  I kept him hydrated with ice cold lemonade!

I've always hated the one red board scattered all throughout the fence!  It's like they started painting it and then changed their minds.  Weird.  Anyway, we are going to have a brand new one and then we'll decide if we want to paint it or leave it as it is.

The past three weeks, we went to the movies and saw the new Tarzan movie, we battled a really bad case of food poisoning with Larry (we think it came from some boiled peanuts we bought at a roadside stand), we discovered a new store in town that sells nothing but mid-century modern vintage (our favorite!) furniture and things and we joined the worldwide phenomenon Pokemon Go craze!

I follow a mid-century modern Facebook page and I have been sooooo jealous of the vintage Viking bud vases so many members of that page find at estate sales out in California and New York and pretty much all over.  I have NEVER even seen one in the wild until we visited That Store on Watson.  The owner is a really nice fellow named Victor Dunigan and the things in his store are from his personal collection of over 30 years.  He has the coolest stuff!  And he has beaucoups of Viking vases!!!  I got this one when we were there.  I am so in love!!!  It is so lovely in person.  This picture doesn't even begin to do it justice.  Victor has some really cool ideas for his store.  Parties, contests (an Ugly Lamp Contest, which really sounds fun!) and creating your own terrariums.  He sells many different varieties of air plants, too (we got one!).  There is nothing even remotely like his store in this area and if you like vintage furniture and home decor as much as I do, I recommend you go check out Victor's store!  It's at 4088 Watson, Suite 100.  

We went to an estate sale yesterday and found this beautiful Turkish rug for $15!!  I didn't even try to haggle.  I was like, "Here!  Take my money!!"  It's beautiful.  You'd pay that (or more) anywhere else for a piece of Chinese crap.  No thanks.

Larry and I have had so much fun playing Pokemon together!  He got a Pikachu Friday and he helped me get mine yesterday.

I'm 2300 points away from Level 16 now and I've caught 56 Pokemon.  I am ADDICTED.  The best place to go play in Warner Robins is the Museum of Aviation next to the base and I hit it every day after work!  

It's crazy how this game just took off like it did and I just took to it like I did!  I joked on Facebook that when the first Pokemon craze hit in the late 90's, I felt like I was too old to play.  Ha!  Not too old now, though!  It's a lot of fun. 


  1. Love your July! Happy about your fence. Glad Larry got over his sickness.Just watch his tick bites.Love your new items you found and that you have a new shop you love.It is hard for anybody to have a garden in this heat.You did good with yours. Love you.

  2. Love your gorgeous vase! It really is too hot to do outdoor projects, but I can't stop my hubby either. Most of our garden drowned in the spring and what made it is looking terrible in this heat. Like you, our banana peppers did nothing. We got a few green peppers and jalapenos, and the tomatoes did well but they were all in our barrels, not in the ground.

  3. We were gonna see The Secret Lives of Pets but thought we'd go hunting Pokemon for a little while before the movie started. We never got inside the theater, though we came close because there's a Pokestop nearby. Really too hot to get out and walk and find the critters, but we've managed to hatch a few eggs walking to the bathroom. Whatever. LARRY