Saturday, June 4, 2016

This little light of mine...

This vintage Westwood Industries floor lamp now lives with us!  We saw it online in a picture for an estate sale that had been going on since Thursday so while I washed the breakfast dishes this morning, Larry went over there to see if it was still there.  No way would it still be there, cool as it was and since Thursday, too??  But it was!  And half off!  We unplugged that Target lamp we had in the corner and plugged this one right on in!  Target lamp is now for sale if anybody wants it or it's going in our fall yard sale.  Out with the old new, in with the new old.  :)

We cleaned it up tonight with some Bar Keeper's Friend and steel wool and made that brass shine!

Here's a before and after.  It was pretty tarnished.

I think the shade is just gorgeous!  In my investigating the lamp and its history, I found out the shade is made from capiz shell, very similar to oyster shell.  Very pretty and luminous and perfect for a lamp!

Larry also picked up this cobalt blue swirl Indiana Glass vase for me, too!

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