Sunday, June 5, 2016

Oliver Farm Oil

A few weeks ago, Larry and I were watching the local news and they did a story about a Wilcox County couple who make oils on their farm, sunflower, peanut, pumpkin and pecan.  We wanted to try some!  I was going to order some from their website but when we visited our favorite little farmer's market last week, we discovered that they carried it!  We bought a bottle of the sunflower oil and I've been using it in my cooking and it's the best oil I've ever tried!  It's delicious and leaves your food full of flavor and the best part is it's unrefined and cold-pressed, which means the seeds are pressed with granite millstones or stainless steel presses to keep it cool to retain its flavor, nutritional content and fragrance.  They got it going on!  It's fabulous.

I used some this morning in our chocolate chip pancakes.  Yum yum!!!  I can't wait to try some of their gluten-free pecan flour!

Y'all get you some!  And if you're local, you can pick some up at the farmer's market at the corner of Smithfield Church and Houston Lake Road in Warner Robins.  We love that little stand!  We even took Stephanie there when she visited us last October.  They always have the freshest produce and the most delicious jams and preserves.  The orange soda is pretty sweet, too!

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