Saturday, February 27, 2016

Two. More. Days.

And this awful month will be over!  Let's see, we started out on the first with a double root canal (same tooth, though) for me, then Larry and I both caught a bad cold with sore throats, stopped-up heads, hacking coughs, then Aunt Flo decided to pay me a visit after not showing her face around here since October and she just brought all her crap and moved in, leaving candy wrappers and cigarette butts all over my house.  Stayed for three weeks.  I finally got her to leave, got to feeling better and came down with another cold/sinus thing that I'm still fighting.  It might even be connected to the tooth infection, I don't know.  I woke up Thursday with a fever and a pus pocket on the left side of my throat.  Ugh.

Tuesday afternoon, we lost our sweet Uncle  J. C., after a prolonged multitude of illnesses.  He fought the good fight and was still joking and making us laugh through all of his pain and suffering.  Well, he got his crown Tuesday and I bet it's a beauty.  While the family gathered at the house, his grandson found a prayer journal that Uncle J. C. been keeping for years, prayers and conversations he'd had with our Lord.  Nobody knew a thing about it but Uncle J. C. and God.  What a blessing it was to find that journal and to know beyond any doubt that he is in Heaven with his beloved mama and our beloved Savior and all of his loved ones who have gone on before him.  They had one of his prayers, a very pertinent one for the day, framed and displayed at the funeral home.  I thought I'd share it here.

We'll see you again, Uncle J. C.  But until then, we're gonna miss your goofy laugh, your jokes, your handsome face.  We'll miss you.

Uncle J. C. is the third uncle I've lost in a year.  Uncle Jack, Uncle Jiggs and now Uncle J. C.  While I'm strong in my faith and my belief and I know I will see them again, it still hurts.  I told Larry yesterday that with each sad phone call I get, I feel a piece of me disappearing.  Poof!  Another little bit of me gone.  These three uncles were such a big part of my raising, my growing-up years, and it's heartbreaking to see them go.  It's heartbreaking to only have memories and photographs of days gone by when I used to have big, strong men who helped make me who I am today.  Each one had an unique part and role to play in my life and I would not be the woman I am today had I not had those sweet men teasing me, molding me, raising me.  I love them all and will miss them every single day until we are all together again.

Tuesday night, I slipped down in the kitchen and hyperextended my right knee.  It swelled up and bruised immediately but Larry put ice on it right away and today, it's still bruised, still sore, but I think I'll live.  Maybe.  Tabbie Hoffman likes to wash his feet in Banjo's water bowl after he poops and I was taking the water bowl to the sink to wash it for the eleventy-fifth time and some water sloshed out, my foot hit it and down I went, knee-first into that hard, unforgiving, evil ceramic tile.  It happened so fast, I just turned to the sink and in an instant, I was on my butt with the worst charley horse of my life in my right calf and a goose egg popping up on my knee.  Larry thought I was playing with Banjo like I always do in the kitchen (we dance and play and have a good old time in there) so it was a good 30 seconds before he even responded.  As soon as I started crying, though, he was up and at my side, helping me up and getting ice on my knee.  He threatened to carpet the kitchen but we did something better.  We bought an area rug yesterday and put it down. Tabbie immediately found a sunbeam.  :)

This month wasn't ALL bad, though.  We did celebrate our 17th anniversary and Larry's birthday was Wednesday.  I made him one of his favorite cakes that his mama used to make.  Angel food with fluffy pineapple frosting and it turned out sooooo good!

Wednesday night, for Larry's birthday, we went down to Perry to Red Lobster and had supper.  Larry wanted a lobster for his birthday and that's what he got!

I got the crab-stuffed mushrooms and the lobster mac and cheese and the lobster mac was so delicious and creamy and cheesy with some kind of little yummy bread crumby thing on top.  It went perfectly with their Cheddar Bay biscuits (which I could eat a plate of by myself with a pitcher of sweet tea, thank you very much).

Two more days.  Tomorrow is Sunday and I'm hoping to have a quiet, low-key day but Monday, we have to go to court to kick our tenant out of the condo.  NOT looking forward to that one.

But then Tuesday, February will be over!  And it'll be March!  March is good, right??  March is Peaches To The Beaches!  March is St. Patty's Day!  March is Easter!  I'm counting on you, March.  You better behave.


  1. Sweet memories of all your Uncles.Hope March is much better for y'all . love you two.

  2. She got everything in here but the baseball that fell from'll have to see her Facebook page to know what that means, and you should check it out, it was a pure God thing! LARRY