Saturday, February 13, 2016


We celebrate wedding anniversary number seventeen today!  This weekend is actually identical to our wedding weekend, too, our anniversary (or wedding day) on Saturday, Valentine's Day on Sunday.  We haven't had many anniversaries like that.  I slept in this morning while Larry finished up on a job he was doing.  He had gotten us a beautiful anniversary cake yesterday from Wilson's Bakery and had it waiting for me on the counter when I got home.  He had them write Then, Still, Always Will on top.  That's what we say.  I loved you then, I love you still, I always will.  The Then part is a lot longer than seventeen years, though.  We've actually been together since 1988 -- 28 years come May.  We waited a very long time to have this sweet, blessed life.

We spent the day together starting with a delicious steak lunch at Longhorn, complete with a complimentary anniversary dessert, and then we went to Target and did a little shopping until our movie was about to start.  We saw "The Boy" and we really enjoyed it!  It has a wicked little twist at the end that I absolutely love in a movie.  And we adore Lauren Cohan anyway.  Our Maggie from "The Walking Dead".  Great movie!  Afterwards, we went to LifeWay and treated ourselves to some goodies there, too.  We got this beautiful plaque to hang on our bedroom wall and I thought it was so perfect to get for our anniversary.

Ever since our first anniversary, Larry has given me the traditional gift that coincides with that anniversary, for example the third anniversary gift is leather and he gave me a leather wallet that year.  Well, this year it's furniture.  I got a deep freezer last week.  Larry's favorite TV show is "The Big Bang Theory" and I got him the Big Bang Lego set, complete with plastic Lego replicas of the furniture in Leonard and Sheldon's living room.  Pretty clever, huh? 

We exchanged Valentines today, too.  Candy, cards, a balloon, some Pioneer Woman kitchen utensils.  Just LOOK at this enormous box of candy he got me!!

So, there's 17.  Can't wait to see what 18 brings us! 


  1. So happy to hear you had a beautiful anniversary celebration! Happy Anny and cheers to many, many more!

  2. 17 years...Wow! An amazing woman, an amazing life. If I had the power to change anything about our lives it's that we could have started the day she was born. I say it a lot--thanks to Jesus and Ginger I have a life that is better than all my dreams. LARRY