Friday, September 19, 2014

Lots of stuff!

My little lady procedure went well Monday.  Well, it worked, but it wasn't without complications.  When I was waking up in recovery, a nurse told me that I threw up while I was unconscious.  The anesthesiologist freaked all the way out because I was already under but they rolled me onto my side, suctioned it out and I was fine.  I had done the nothing-after-midnight thing but thirty minutes prior to my surgery, I was given a small cup of Alka Seltzer to settle my stomach.  Yeah, right.  That's what came up.  And even though they told me I was fine, I am absolutely convinced that some of that Alka Seltzer got in my lungs because I have been congested and coughing like crazy (croupy coughing!) ever since.  Tuesday and Wednesday, I looked and felt like death warmed over and today was the first day that I felt normal.  Ugh.  This gettin' old crap...

But the procedure worked.  I officially bled for 59 days.  I know!  Shut up!

And the hospital lost my panties.  My $14 Victoria's Secret panties.  I know!  Shut up!

I'm just glad that's over and we can get back to normal.  But what is normal, anyway??  If you've been following us on Facebook, you know that we're about to buy a new house!  About five miles away, in a lovely little quiet neighborhood, out of town but not too far from civilization.  Here's a pic!  It is the most adorable little house!  Beautifully landscaped, move-in ready with a gorgeous deck, hot tub, fire pit with gardenias, a magnolia tree AND a palm tree.  And TWO windows in the kitchen!  I am so in love with this house!  We hope to have everything done and be moving the week of Halloween.  We put a For Rent sign out Saturday and Sunday, we had rented our condo!  To a retired military couple who need a place for his disabled brother to live.  Perfect!
God is just working out every detail!!

We celebrated Rhiana's birthday Sunday afternoon and visited with her, Juan and the girls in Roswell.  Juan made the most delicious Spanish egg and potato dish for brunch and we had sausage and fruit, too.  I made a dozen pink lemonade cupcakes and we had a chocolate ganache cake.  We just had the best time!!  We had found the girls a bunk bed at a yard sale a few weeks ago and we took it to them.  They love it! 
Mama gave us a scare this week, too.  She went to the hospital with chest pains and had to have another heart cath last night.  She had another blockage that was opened with a stent and she went home today.  God has answered so many prayers this week for us!!  We are never deserving of any of it, but we are always, always grateful.

We're going to watch the Braves play the Mets in Atlanta Sunday and I'm really looking forward to that.  And a totally lazy, do-nothing day tomorrow.

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  1. An event-filled week will take it right outta ya. So stay rested or recovery will take even longer! <3