Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weddings, burgers and balloons

Yesterday, I went home to Oglethorpe to meet with my family to discuss the final plans for Jessi's wedding next Sunday.  It's going to be at White Water Park so we met there.  Here we are discussin' things!

Baby Lizzie is such a joy!  A ham, too, as you can see from this picture of her wearing her great-PawPaw's hat.  She held on to that hat and wouldn't turn loose!

She's teething so she wants to chomp on everybody.  Especially their faces.  She goes for the chin.  Brian caught her in the act!  I can't wait to show this picture to her some day.  :D

After we worked out some plans and decided who was gonna do what (wedding planning is exhausting!  And Ami is doing it ALL!!), I went over to Troy's in Montezuma and got lunch.  A bag of their world famous double cheeseburgers and fries.  We might be from a small town without a whole lot going on but let me tell you, Troy's draws folks in from all over!  It was standing room only in there yesterday.  Two lines out the door.  They don't play.  And of course, two sweet little church ladies were perched out front selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts so I got a box of them for dessert.

Brian, Ami and I left for Perry to meet up with Margie after lunch for the Balloon Rally at the fairgrounds, with the Balloon Glow at sundown.  This is us about to go through the gate.  A sweet girl offered to take this picture of us, even though she had a toddler under foot and a baby in a sling on her chest.  Obviously, she has learned to multitask.  :)

Blowing up the balloons.  Ha!

We were more than a little disappointed in the afternoon show.  We thought this was it.  Five balloons.  Plus it was windy, the sun was brutal and there was no shade.  Oh yeah, and bottled water was $3 and the heifer asked me if I wanted a cup of ice to go with it.  Um, yeah, for $3, I want a BAG of ice!  Anyway, we persevered and stuck it out.  It helped a little that we crashed the VIP tent and stole some of their shade.  They never did say anything to us but they didn't have to.  The snooty looks down their noses did all their talking.  It's times like that when you wish you had Phil Robertson with you.  :)

Here I am enjoying the view!

After sunset, more balloons went up!  I counted 12 in all.  They were gorgeous!  After after the sun went down, it was cold to me and the fire from the balloons felt sooooo good.  We got up close and personal.  :)  So personal that Brian's camera got warm! 

We went to Cracker Barrel late and had the rudest waitress you could imagine.  She was a little ticked that it was 9:00 and she was still there.  When she finally came around to ask how we were doing, I'd already sucked the bottom of my tea glass.  And when we asked her for more biscuits (to take home), she was very judgmental about it, saying, "Sure" in a way that meant, "y'all don't need no more biscuits".  She just acted like we were putting her out.  So I asked for more butter and jelly, too.  :)  When she came back and Ami told her we were sorry to trouble her, she went into this tirade of how she was supposed to get off at 8:00, this other girl was supposed to get off at 8:00 and they were made to stay to cover the balloon rally crowd but the manager left and that was his store and blah blah blah.  I was mortified!  You don't tell that to customers!!  Shut up and go get me some more biscuits.  Needless to say, she wasn't living on our tip last night.

We had a wonderful day!!  It was windy, colorful and hilarious!

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  1. You had a very FUN day. I really ENJOYED getting to visit w/y'all and hang out.
    WISH I had felt comfortable staying later.....just don't drive @ night any more :(
    LOVE your pictures.
    Let's do something TOGETHER again soon !!
    LUV ya girl....