Wednesday, April 24, 2013

From this day forward

Sunday afternoon, my niece, Jessica, married her sweetheart and best friend, Jimmy.  We were all there to see it!  Ami was wedding planner, director, decorator AND co-photographer and I just have to say that I've never been more proud or more in awe of my baby sister.  She did a fabulous job not just with the beautiful decorations that she painstakingly made by hand and heart but also by holding it all together when it threatened to fall apart.  Amazing girl.

She and Brian were the official photogs for the wedding and I picked a few of my favorites to show on my blog.

The cake!  My mama baked her world-famous-known-all-over-the-land pound cake with butter cream icing wedding cake for our Jessi.  It was her best one ever!

Our girl saying her vows.  My absolute favorite picture of the day!  I was sitting right behind her squalling right along with her mama while this was happening.  It's a good thing we couldn't see her face.  And she couldn't see ours.

The happy couple!

Here's one I took of Jessi checking out her makeup in my car on the way to the wedding.  The wedding was at 2:00.  We got to the park at 2:00.  Talk about a mad dash to the altar!!

No, the ground is NOT covered in snow even though it looks like it here!  When we got to the park, there were people everywhere just millin' around outside.  Jessi didn't want anybody to see her so we just drove around until they moved on out toward the pier.  I snapped this picture when we stopped and she got out for a minute.

It was such a beautiful ceremony and reception!  There was dancing, lots of laughing and lots of crying.  We ate pimento cheese sandwiches and drank Mountain Dew from cans.  We kicked our shoes off and walked around barefoot.  Well, maybe that was just me.  It was crazy, it was sweet, it was even a tad stressful but it was us.  

Jessi and Jimmy, be sweet to each other, be patient with each other, listen to each other.  Be happy!  

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  1. Your mama made that cake for my first wedding many, many years ago too! I love her!