Sunday, February 17, 2013

Free is for me!

We used to say that all the time when I worked at Citigroup.  I think Rita Garrett started it.  It's funny and SO TRUE!

I did not know that you can turn an empty bag of Starbucks coffee in at any Starbucks store and get a free cup of coffee.  I got some of the Blonde roast for Christmas and I turned the bag in today and got my free cup.

Starbucks coffee is waaaaaaay too strong for me.  I don't like strong coffee.  That's why I adore the Blonde roast!  I like my coffee as weak as Popeye without his spinach.  But today, my free cup was STRONGOMG.  I came home, divided it and added my own hazelnut creamer.  Ahhhh, much better.

Today is six weeks and three days since I got back on the South Beach diet.  And so far, I've lost 20 pounds!  Again.  Ha!  I swear, one day, I'm gonna lose those 20 pounds and they're going to stay lost. 

What does my inspiration, Ruby, say about weight loss??  It's a JOURNEY, not a DESTINATION.  It takes forever to get there, your entire life's journey.  It's not a trip to the beach, that's for sure.

Anyway, speaking of spinach, I tried one of these Spinach Feta wraps while I was at Starbucks.  A. Ma. Zing.  I had no idea I was making such a great South Beach choice, though, until I got home with it!  I did pretty good.  6 grams of fiber!  19 grams of protein!  Wooo hooo!!

1 comment:

  1. NEVAH say diet! It's Lifestyle CHANGE. And, that is what is required.....change. So there's my 2 cents. haha
    I began a lifestyle change yrs. ago. Not much weight loss, but I feel better and find I'm more active.
    Unsure of wrap.....maybe w/o the Feta!!
    You got this girl......keep on keepin on.
    Luv ya bunches )