Sunday, December 16, 2012

They had me at the fried okry!

We met down at the Mennonite restaurant in Montezuma yesterday afternoon to celebrate Brian's birthday.  I hadn't been in years but the roast beef was just as good as I remembered.  This was my plate!

And there was also pie.  :) 


After we finished eating, we carried our too-full butts to the bakery for more.  I got a loaf of oatmeal cinnamon bread and a jar of apple butter.  Yummmm.

I have always loved this painting that hangs on the wall inside the restaurant.

Sunset over the silos.  
A beautiful ending to a great time spent with my family.


  1. A good time and full plates for everybody! Love you

  2. Jealous.....LUV the Mennonite Restaurant. Their food is "off the hook" delish.
    Family time is the BEST time we can enjoy.
    LUV y'all :))