Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

What a beautiful day to celebrate Jesus' resurrection!

I was watching a special on The History Channel last night about the shroud of Turin.  They were talking about how this image that they believe is Jesus is literally burned into the cloth and how they believe that happened.  Oh, it was the COOLEST THING!!!  The only explanation they can give is at the moment His spirit reentered His lifeless body on that precious Sunday morning, a flash of light unlike any other occurred and that is what made the image.  Of course, that's only their speculation but I sure LOVED that depiction.  It was awesome!  Gave me goosebumps.  I woke up this morning singing "He Lives".  That was always my favorite Easter song growing up in my little Baptist church.  I miss those days so much sometimes.

I'm praising and thanking Jesus today for what He did for me, for STAYING THERE THROUGH IT ALL.  He could have saved Himself but instead, He stayed and saved ME. Wow. 

We have a pretty big day planned.  Easter dinner and the egg hunt at Mama and Daddy's with lots of friends and family around.  I need to go put my green bean casseroles in the oven but first, I wanted to wish everybody a happy Easter!!  

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  1. Happy Easter, Ginger!!! =) We are having green bean casseroles, too!