Friday, April 2, 2010

But I Don't Alphabetize The Stuff In My Pantry

Kelly's Show Us Your Life topic today is Organization Tips.  Most of her topics have to do with fancy weddings and honeymoons and children so I usually don't participate but today's topic, I can certainly DO!

I am super duper organized!  I keep my house clean and tidy.  Everything has a place and everything is always in its place.  I keep a running list of things that need to be done and I could not live without baskets and bins! They keep things neat and together.  I especially love baskets and boxes and bins (oh my!) from IKEA. Ami and I always get some kind of container every time we go, whether we can think of a use for it at the time or not!

They are great for the laundry room!  I love homemade laundry detergent and my Maggie's Soap Nuts.  I even have special recycled containers for them!  Ha!

They're great for holding lace garters, white satin shoes and old copies of The Great Speckled Bird!

I never have put things out on my bathroom counter. And once again, IKEA comes to my rescue.  These cute little baskets are perfect for holding toothpaste and contact lens stuff and moisturizers.

So those are my tips to stay organized. Get you some baskets and boxes and if you can get them from IKEA, rainbows and butterflies will come out of them.  Win win, right?


  1. Ever been to the Container Store? I think you'd like it!

  2. You and your soap nuts. ;-) I like the new picture of you and Larry! Nice to have a face to go with your sweet words about him.

  3. Organization is awesome, isn't it? I could not live without my various IKEA containers, which are just as stylish (maybe more) and cheaper than at The Container Store. By the way, Brian and I LURRRRVE that homemade laundry soap. OMG. It's awesome. We have used all you gave us for Christmas and are trying to locate all the ingredients to make more. I love using it on towels and sheets. And it doesn't irritate my skin! Yay!