Monday, February 6, 2017


Look at this little face!!  Just look at it.  This is Kevin and he's our sponsor child.  When we saw Big Daddy Weave in concert last week (it was fabulous, by the way!), Mike Weaver (lead vocals) talked to us a little bit about the World Vision ministry and he showed us a video of their time in other countries, just sharing Jesus with the folks and having fun.  As soon as he started talking about sponsoring a child, I felt the Lord was telling me to get one.  They started passing out packages with children's names, pictures and a little bit about their lives and I asked Larry to grab one.

Larry took one and handed it to me and I immediately started squalling when I saw this little face and that he is in Mexico.  He's only four.  

I am really, really struggling with this ridiculous Mexico border wall talk.  I don't want a wall.  We don't need a wall.  Not stereotyping them AT ALL but all the Mexican people I've ever known are the hardest working people.  They work much harder than us lazy Americans, that's for sure.  Personally, though, in the shape our country is in now, I don't understand why anybody would WANT to come here.  I think Trump is a careless idiot, an embarrassment and just generally a really bad person.  Our country will suffer if he's allowed to continue his "reign".   

Anyway, as soon as I saw Kevin's little face, I just fell in love with him.  We signed up and now he's ours!  We got a little packet in the mail today that has all of his information about his family and how he's growing up.  I have this dream to follow him all of his life and meet him someday!  I'm going to send him gifts and letters along the way and make a difference in his little life.  

And if that stupid wall goes up, Kevin and I are going to tear it down!

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