Sunday, March 27, 2016

A different kind of Easter

For the first time in ever, our family didn't get together today for Easter.  I felt a little out of sorts not having anywhere to go or anybody to take care of.  But at the same time, it was glorious to have such a low-key Easter.  Larry and I woke up early, put our ham in the oven, and got ready for church.  It was a wonderful service and we were blessed to see two young girls publicly profess their faith and another one get baptized!  That's what Easter is all about -- celebrating our Savior, who died for us when He didn't have to and rose from the dead because WE needed Him to.  There's no greater love than the love Jesus has for us.  Not your family's, not your husband's or wife's, not even the love you have for your children.

Larry made me a huge basket full of chocolate and all kinds of goodies!  There was even a sweet little Jadeite coffee mug that he picked up on our Peaches to the Beaches trip that I didn't even know he got.  How'd he do that??  I see everything.  He put a beautiful little decorative plate in there, too.  Along with all. that. candy.  I made him up a basket with lots of candy, too, a big-eared chocolate bunny and a little stuffed lamb.

Yesterday, I baked some treats for Tabbie Hoffman and Banjo and I put them in Mason jars and tied a little yellow ribbon around them, to make 'em look Easter-y.  I found the recipes online and Banjo got pumpkin peanut butter ones and Tabbie's were tuna and catnip.  Banjo loves his and Tabbie's coming around to his.  Persnickety little self.

After church today, we came home and I finished our dinner.  We had our ham and green beans with red potatoes, steamed whole organic carrots, deviled eggs and carrot cake.  Simple and easy.  No stress, no rushing around trying to get here and there.  It was very, very nice.

And after the dishes were done, I took a nap!  Another thing that's never happened on Easter, except maybe when I was six.

 Banjo enjoying his ham bone in the rain.

 Like Mama, like kitty.  :)

The weather was yucky, lots of clouds and some rain here off and on all day but I hope y'all had a great day anyway!  I loved all the pictures that were posted on Facebook of kids dyeing eggs yesterday and then this morning with all their goodies and family pictures outside church.  To me, that's how it should be.  Church first then family time with Easter dinner and egg hunts.  And a nap.  :)

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  1. Easter with Jesus and Ginger, need I say more? LARRY