Sunday, October 26, 2014

'Round here

This month is nearly gone!  And it went fast!  We close on our new house on Tuesday and we've done nothing but pack boxes and donate stuff for two weeks now.  This is how we livin' right now.  Oh. My. God.  I will be so happy to have some space again!  I tell Larry as I walk through the living room that this is A-MAZE-ING!  A maze, indeed.  We move Wednesday!  Gonna get a big U-Haul-It (as my Uncle Frank calls it!) truck and move it on up out of heah!  Anybody wanna come help, come on! 

Tabbie Hoffman was having a little difficulty taking it all in, despite my constant reassurance that all this will make so much sense next week, I promise!  He was being really clingy and hiding under the bed again but he seems to be adjusting now.  He's really good about that.  Just rolls with the flow.  Eventually.  It took a week or so to adjust to Larry, a couple of weeks with Banjo and now this.  Bless his heart.  His whole wittle world is upside down.  

He's found a new spot to nap in all this chaos, though.

Last Saturday, we went and helped our older granddaughter, Elizabeth, celebrate her seventh birthday.  The girls love the movie Frozen so Lizzy had a Frozen-themed costume party.  Everything was soooo cute and we just had the best time!  I snapped this one just as she was blowing out her candles.  I love all the smoke!  Ha!

Larry and I decided to go yard saleing and to an estate sale yesterday because we figure we'll be too busy unpacking, organizing and settling in next weekend and possibly the next one, too.  I have always wanted an amber Indiana Glass hen candy dish, ever since I was a little girl and my grandma had one.  I've been looking for one all summer and I finally found one at a yard sale yesterday!  Larry found a Pyrex bowl in the Primary Blue design at a yard sale Friday and it turned out to be a really old one, from the 1950's, with the old trademark and everything.  He got it and a lid for a dollar. 

At the estate sale yesterday, I saw and immediately fell in love with this vintage German cuckoo clock.  It didn't come with the winding key but I didn't care if I ever got it wound up.  I couldn't leave it!  They wanted $6, I offered $4 and got it!  Larry concocted a key for it, with his bad Macgyver self, and wound it up for me.  You have to constantly wind it, though, like every hour or so, and I probably ain't gonna do that.  (Read: ain't nobody got time for that!) so I'll just set it for 2:24 and leave it there.  That's Larry's birthday, Maw's birthday, Uncle Gene's birthday and also the street number for our new house.  224 is a pretty special number for us.  That's what attracted us to the house in the first place.  It just seemed meant to be and since every single detail has worked out, even those little snags the devil tried to throw at us, we know that God is behind us all the way, cheering for us and clearing our path.

Three more nights at Schneider Condostead.  A little bittersweet, but SO exciting!  We have had quite a year and we can't wait to see what's next!


  1. What a whirlwind year for you all! Enjoy those last nights at the old homeplace.

  2. We are so happy for all four of you.I know Tabby Hoffman will adjust as long as he can find you,just watch the door so he won't have a chance to run out or put him in his carrier while all this is going on. Enjoy your next few days there and make all new memories at the new house. Love the clock.Uncle J.B. would love it. He had a one over his mantle . All the boxes mean change and we are all looking forward to you and Larry enjoying your new home. Love you.