Friday, March 21, 2014

One week

Today is a week since I left the hospital.  I started feeling better, stronger and more like myself Wednesday.  I told Larry when he got home from class to get me out of this house and let's go do something in the sunshine!  So we went and bought a truck.  :)

Larry bought a Dodge Ram pickup when he was in Quitman and we only paid a couple thousand dollars for it.  It was just something for him to get back and forth in and it's a great little truck!  We just wanted something to take trips in (we're planning another weekend trip to the beach in a few weeks!) and not worry about getting broke down somewhere.  We paid my car off last week and jumped right back into debt just like that.  I'm still a lunatic about my credit score and since we paid the mortgage off, all we've had is the car.  It's crazy but when you pay something off and have no open credit (which is the ideal way to live for us!), your credit score goes down.  That makes no sense.  So anyway, to keep your score up, you gotta keep making payments on something.  So we got this new truck.  The guys at the dealership absolutely HATED me, I know, but I spent 16 years in the business and I don't pay sticker, I don't make down payments and I don't do insurance and fees.  I just ain't gonna do it.  We ended up getting the best deal!  $3,000 behind book (and I booked it out myself to make sure!) with a 2% interest rate.  You just cannot beat that.

We got a Suzuki Equator.  Four-wheel drive, midnight blue and gorgeous.  I never even knew Suzuki made trucks.  The Equator is built just like a Nissan Frontier and actually, Nissan built it.  I have a Nissan now and my last car was a Nissan.  I just LOVE Nissan.  :)

And we love our Suzuki!  And I really, really loved the pollen on the hood!  Wooo hoooo!!!  Finally.

I can't wait to take you to the beach!  :)

I tried to go back to work yesterday but the base doctor wouldn't allow me until I've had my follow-up with the infectious disease doctor (and that's Monday) and have something from him saying I'm not contagious.  I'm NOT contagious.  And I worked three nights with a high fever, body aches, chills, headaches, the whole nine yards, and as far as I know, none of my coworkers have come down with this.  Actually, though, it's rare to have the severe symptoms that I had anyway.  Usually, you get the virus, shed it and develop an immunity to it and never even know it.  Counterculture chick that I am had to be all weird and stuff.

So, I'm feeling better, I'm so happy and grateful to be alive and well, we have a beautiful weekend ahead of us and I'm ready to see where it takes us!!


  1. Good for you two. I love the color and glad you have the smartness to come out on top with the dealership. Happy you are so much better and glad that you have to get an o.k. from your Dr. Love you.

  2. Wow! Good to hear that things are going well for you and Larry. You're very knowledgeable in ways to keep one's credit score up, Ginger. I'm so glad that things are looking up because you are smart about the choices you make. Kudos to you for being like that! Enjoy your new truck! :)

    Tracy Frazier @ Sunnen Law