Saturday, December 28, 2013



Wow!  What a week this has been!!  
Ami, Brian and I went to get Larry last Saturday afternoon and brought him home.  Finally.  We had a wonderful Christmas that was jam-packed full of activities, fun and love.  I thought I'd show some pictures from our first amazing, incredible week at home.

Ami and I tied yellow ribbons to every tree in the front yard to welcome Larry home.

We stopped off on the way home Saturday night to change clothes and saw this huge cow at a nearby Dairy Queen.  We just had to pose for a picture!

Sunday, we went to church and then out for lunch with our pastor, his wife and daughter.  Afterwards, we went and got our tree!

We had so much fun decorating our tree!  I think it's the most beautiful tree I've ever seen.

Christmas Eve, Larry and I hosted a little family get-together for my mama, daddy, Ami and Brian.  Ricky, Audra and Lizzie stopped by on their way to another family party and I was so happy to see them and to finally introduce them to my Larry.

Larry got me a record player for Christmas and it was so nice to listen to Christmas albums again!

Tabbie Hoffman struggled a little getting used to Daddy being around but now he's Larry's best buddy.  He follows him around the house and swats at Larry's feet when he walks by.  It's really so sweet.  Here we are opening his present from Aunt Ami and Uncle Brian.

Ami made us a beautiful framed depiction of our journey, every town we've been in, every road we traveled to get to this day, with a red heart right on Warner Robins.  Home.  We will treasure it always.

Christmas Eve, Larry and I opened all but one of our gifts to each other.  Here he is opening a GI Joe Vietnam Combat Engineer (which is what he was over there) I bought him 12 years ago and saved for his first Christmas home.  He also got a new phone and a new stereo for his truck.  Santa was real good to him this year!! 

 Tabbie Hoffman's loot from Santa!  :)

New ornament for our tree this year

We've been out to eat several times, gone to see the new Hobbit movie in 3D, been shopping...just normal every day ordinary stuff and we LOVE it!

Friday, we went to Wild Adventures and just had the best time!!  They went all out for Christmas, with lights and decorations and activities and we got to enjoy them all!  Larry even got me on a few rides, after he dragged me on kicking and screaming.  :)


Here we are at the Tigers of India show.  Larry bought me that little stuffed baby giraffe after we rode the safari train.  Her name is Gigi.  :)

We saw a beautiful performance of the Miracle of Christmas that made us both cry. 

 Us at the very top of the Ferris wheel.

This picture pretty much says it all.  It was taken in my parents' front yard Christmas Day.  We are so, so happy to finally be together!  We are also so grateful for the outpouring of love, good wishes and prayers that our friends and family gave to us during this amazing week.  We love each and every one of you!


  1. What a week! Happy for both of you and wish you many special times like this. Love you both and so happy to see the beautiful smile on your face. Glad Tabby Hoffman is coming around. He needed time to adjust.

  2. Gosh. Sniff. I've been stalking you on Facebook, but it is so nice to read your thoughts along with the great photos. Your tree is the most beautiful I've seen. We're aiming to come to GA in mid-March and would just love to see you both.

    1. Oh, that would be wonderful!!! We would love to see y'all!!

  3. I feel so blessed to witness all of this and in some tiny way to have been a part of it. The picture of Larry opening his pressie from Ami and Brian affected me the most - something on his face here touched my heart, and the profound reality of 34 years of friendship rushed at me like a jolt. Please give him my fondest love, Ginger, and to you also, my dear, for making this lovely man so happy and fulfilled. God bless and reward you.