Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This little light of mine

I've noticed for a week or so that my porch light fixture was looking baaaaaad.  It had a yellow burned spot right in the middle of the plastic.  And bugs.  Lots and lots of bugs.

I decided to get the ladder out today when I got home from work and get up there and at least clean the bugs out.  I took the cover off and the light bulb fell out, still attached but not attached.  Make sense?  The little metal piece holding it in place had rusted clean through and the bulb was just laying on the plastic cover.  

My paranoid delusions and ohmygod, what if perfectly normal fear of fire has intensified since Tabbie Hoffman came to live with me so I decided I was going to disconnect the whole thing and call an electrician to come hook up a new fixture.

Wait a minute.  I am an electrician.  Or at least I play one at the base.  I figured I could try it.  I mean, if I can kinda-sorta rewire an F-15 and install things on the jet like an angle of attack probe (oh, yes, I did.), I can do a simple home wiring job.

So I went over to Lowe's and got a new light fixture, came home, cut the power to the house and hooked that baby right on up!  I hooked up the hot wire, the neutral and the ground and halleluyer, it worked!  

I am so proud.  :)  Two years ago, I would not have attempted such a thing.  I have grown so much, learned so much with my course of study and my new job.  

When I flipped on the switch, I wondered if that was how God felt when He created light and darkness.  Looky here what I did!


  1. How smart you are,but I'm glad you cut the electricity OFF! Love you

  2. I'm WITH Anonymous !! Goooood job.....smart girl. I like it, cute, too.
    LUV ya