Monday, November 15, 2010

I Just Hope I Don't Trip The Shoplifting Alarm At Target

I had my brain MRI today and since I'm feeling a little wonky tonight, I Googled "brain MRI side effects". Wonky is one of them. I've been having tremors for about an hour and I feel like my thoughts are all jumbled. Weird, man.

Since I laid there in that poster tube for an hour and a half, my brain is magnetic! I better stay out of Target for a couple of days, huh?

I didn't love the MRI. I didn't even like it enough to become friends. It was horrible.

It looked just like dis right heah. My head was in a cage just like this one and me, my head and the cage all went into that little bitty hole, deep into that tunnel until just my knees were sticking out. I had two foam wedges on either side of my head to hold it in place but I still managed to move it during the process and that caused me to need another FOUR sets of images. 'Cause I "lifted my fanny", he said. Well, golleeeee, my fanny gets a little fidgety when it lays still for an hour!! Don't yours?? After about 45 minutes, he pulled me out and injected the dye in my arm and actually fussed at me for moving my head WHEN HE WAS TALKING TO ME. I don't know about you but my mama and daddy raised me right and when somebody's talking to me, I LOOK AT THEM.

So, anyway, after another 45 minutes, it was over and he told me "everything looked fine and he was giving me an A-" because I messed his pictures up with my fanny. Whatever. I sat up on the table and felt a little dizzy but once I was up and walking around, I was okay. Since I've been home, though, I've been nauseated and shaking. Dr. Google says that's normal and will pass.

I should have the results by the end of the week. I'll let y'all know!


  1. Maybe you should call the mri place and ask them about sideeffects. Hope it soon passes. Love you

  2. Goodness. Move that fanny all you want to now. Some people!

  3. Thanks, Brandy!! He was an old codger. :) Nice enough but it's HIS job to do the films, not mine and if he'd told me at the beginning to not move my head, I wouldn't have. Yeah, some people.

  4. Hi,
    I was looking on google for informations about mri and found your blog. I'm going for a mri next monday (nov. 29) Brain also...I'm really nervous and scared!!! I'm glad I found your post...I'll will probably think about you in there...and tell myself not to panic!! (Excuse my english; it's my 2nd language)

  5. Hey, Lady Bug! Don't be scared. Just try not to move at all if you can help it. That will make it go quicker!! Good luck and let me know how it goes. I tried to click on your blog and couldn't get in. You have it blocked? Thanks for visiting my blog!!

  6. Hi's Ladybug. I wrote with my wrong ID...I deleted that blog a few months ago! I started a new one recently and the link should work now! When I'm stressed I'm cleaning my house to calm myself...and it's so clean right now all because of that MRI. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow! :)

  7. Had my MRI this afternoon. I panic for a few second at the begining cause I was feeling like I was in a coffin!! Then everything went perfectly. Only 30 minutes, no dye needed. I was in a setup exactly like the picture you posted. The even told me I don't have anything to worry with the result cause everything look normal!!! I tought about you and didn't move at all!! :) Thank you again!

  8. Hey, Julika!! I'm glad everything went well and you're okay!! It does feel like you're in a coffin. I kept my eyes closed the whole time.

    I can't read your blog. It's in French!! :) Stop by mine any time, okay???