Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ever wonder what tendonitis looks like??

Well, wonder no more!!

Yep.  This is mah foot.
And?  Ow.

My left foot has been a complete train wreck for seven years.  I injured it walking on the beach with my sister-in-law, Debi, SEVEN summers ago and it ain't never been right since.  I've had an MRI (which showed tendonitis), I wore a boot cast (which I affectionately called "Frank" for Frankenstein boot) for an entire HOT Georgia summer and I've had months of physical therapy.

It gets better but it has never been well.

It has also NEVER been like this.  

Now there's this little red swolt-up golf ball on the top of my ankle.  Dr. Google said that's inflammation that has oozed up between two bones in my foot.  It looks a little angry, don't it??  It feels like it is completely pissed off and looking for somebody to slap.


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  1. Oh Ginger, this is just awful! What can they do for you? I feel so badly for you!